We can get you financed

Johnson Truck Center has long-standing established partnerships to meet your financing needs. JTC, in conjunction with these partnerships, offers a full range of competitively structured financing products on both new and used trucks. Working with JTC streamlines the process and incorporates your vehicle financing as part of the sale.

Johnson Truck Center can help you secure the right financing solution through our financing partners for both new and used trucks and tractors. Ask about our Planned Maintenance Programs to help manage and control your maintenance expenses throughout your vehicle’s Lifecycle. We can also help you convert your existing asset to cash.

JTC financing partners can work with our customers to identify and tailor a financing solution that meets their Lease finance needs. TRAC leases can be constructed to meet both On and Off- Balance Sheet treatment approved by our customers’ advisors. Lower your monthly payments with an On-Balance Sheet TRAC Lease without giving away the upside of the vehicle when it comes time to dispose of the asset.

Whether you need Off Balance Sheet treatment to help manage your Credit Agreement Covenants or On-Balance Sheet treatment to secure the addbacks of interest and depreciation to hit your EBITDA targets, chances are, that we can help you structure a solution that works for you.


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