Daimler Trucks North America is rolling out new safety features for their Detroit Assurance safety suite. These three features build upon software and hardware already present in their Detroit Diesel-powered trucks and are designed to decrease driver fatigue and avoid situations that can lead to accidents. These new safety features are available on new Freightliner Cascadia and Western Star 49X trucks equipped with a Detroit drivetrain.

Active Speed Intervention issues visual and audio warnings when the truck exceeds the posted speed limit. After the initial warning, the system can reduce the engine throttle for up to two seconds, adjust the adaptive cruise control speed, or cancel cruise control altogether. The difference between the posted speed and the vehicle speed determines how fast and how aggressive the system reacts.

Active Lane Assist with Auto Stop brakes the truck to a safe stop if the driver’s hands are off the steering wheel for more than one minute. Active Lane Assist keeps the truck centered in the lane as the truck slows down. Once the truck stops, the doors unlock and the lights flash an “SOS” pattern to get the attention of nearby drivers and emergency services. This feature is only available on Freightliner Cascadia trucks with Detroit Assurance.

Brake Hold Mode locks the brakes when the driver gives the brake pedal a push after coming to a complete stop. This keeps the brakes on, even if the driver’s foot slips off accidentally or due to fatigue. Tapping the brake pedal or pushing the accelerator pedal deactivates the system. Daimler Trucks says this will reduce accidents that occur during prolonged stops.