It is coming soon: The Western Star 47X! This truck touts many of the best qualities of the 49X by Western Star, along with features designed for concrete mixers and other vocational trucks. It’s made to haul lightweight equipment while complying with bridge laws.

Discover some of the most impressive features of the Western Star 47X.

Shorter and Lighter

At 111.6 inches BBC, the Western Star 47X has a shorter hood than the 49X. Furthermore, the 47X is 200 pounds lighter, and its cast aluminum cross members provide strength and durability without adding to its weight.

Wheel-Base Configuration Options: 

Up to 415 inches (set-forward steer axle)

Up to 361 inches (set-back axle)


Streamlined Manufacturing

The design of these Western Star vocational trucks minimizes errors in the assembly stage, and Pre-punched holes decrease assembly time. The truck is assembled correctly, delivered, and ready for the road!


The QuickFit Interface System

The QuickFit Interface efficiently controls electrical functions and is easily accessible at the back of the cab. The Flex Panel design is in the dashboard, creating more space between the seats. Gauges, RAM mount prep, and more can be added to the Flex Panel, tailoring it to a customer’s needs. 

 The QuickFit Interface System and the CHEC system are tools giving customers the power to make parameter adjustments and perform other electrical configurations in a timely way. 


Vocational Trucks with a Modern Design

Strength, durability, and comfort are hallmarks of the Western Star 47X.

A quick snapshot:

Steel-reinforced aluminum cab

Corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel doors with reinforced hinges

Space for over-cab equipment

24-inch windshield wipers covering a large windshield zone

Three sleeper configuration options


Powerful Engine Options

The Detroit DD13 Gen 5 engine offers greater power, better combustion, and improved efficiency. The DT12-V transmission has three mode applications rock-free, off-road, and paver. 

 A variety of options are available for: engine, drive axles, steer axles, pusher, tag axles, front and rear suspension.

The Western Star 47X hits the production line in the first quarter of next year. Factoring in supply chain issues, deliveries of the 47X are scheduled for later in 2022.