The Elite Support certification is only earned by Freightliner and Western Star dealerships that deliver consistent excellence in customer service and efficiency. There are a wide range of criteria (over 120) covering every aspect of the customer’s experience at the dealership that must be met. Independent auditors come into the dealership to evaluate overall performance and conformity to the Elite Support goals. It is all about a culture of Continuous Improvement. For that reason each dealer has at least one dedicated Continuous Improvement Coordinator to provide guidance and reinforce the process.

The ultimate goal of the Elite Support network is maximizing vehicle uptime by providing a rapid diagnosis (using Express Assessment) and robust parts availability while delivering quality repairs. Throughout the process the dealership must maintain effective communication with the customer so that there are no hidden surprises and expectations are met.


All Elite Support Certified locations participate in Express Assessment, which means within 2 hours of service write-up the dealer will communicate primary diagnosis, check parts availability and provide an estimate of cost and repair time. If further diagnosis is required to compile this information, the customer will be informed of the status of the job. No customer just wants their truck to sit on the dealer’s lot.


We know that when we service your vehicle, we’re servicing your business. Elite Support Certified dealers believe in providing quality repairs and timely communication from a friendly and familiar team. Our facilities are designed to minimize downtime and provide a comfortable environment for drivers as we work to get your truck back on the road.


Uptime is a major factor in determining your Real Cost of Ownership (RCO). A single unscheduled day of downtime could cost upwards of $1,000, so we’re focused on maximizing your uptime. We are currently measuring throughput in the shop as: “the amount of time from when the repair order is written up until the last technician punches off the repair order.”Our goal is to complete this process within 72 hours. Obviously, this ambitious goal cannot be met in every situation, but it provides a target to govern our internal practices and support the customer’s need for maximum uptime.


Every Elite Support Certified dealer is dedicated to unrivaled customer service. Major investments in facilities, parts inventory, training of technicians and processes enable our staff to make efficient repairs. Some of the recent improvements at our Landover facility include:

– Expanded parking lot with new striping to better utilize our space constraints

– Completely refurbished wash bay and steam bay

– Incentive program to encourage technician efficiency and productivity

– Organization of the tool room to provide quicker access to tools that are in good repair

– Footprinting in the shop area for increased safety and overall efficiency

Add superior product and support from our OEM partners – Freightliner and Western Star – and you ultimately get more value.

For more information, visit www.EliteSupportNetwork.com




Separate the essential from the non-essential by identifying unneeded items, evaluating their usefulness, and dealing with them appropriately.

– What is the usefulness of the items for performing the work?
– What is the frequency for which the item is needed?
– What is the quantity of the item needed to perform this work?
– Dispose of unneeded items.


Organize the necessary items by arranging them so they are easy to find, use, and return. The result is a streamlined workplace and the elimination of time spent searching for items and information.

– Locate items according to their frequency of use
– Label locations where it makes sense
– Address overall work flow to improve efficiency


The act of cleaning the work area, and inspecting the tools and equipment.

– Determine what needs to be cleaned
– Determine proper cleaning supplies and make available
– Start to shine!


The act of making sure that the results of Sort, Set in order, and Shine are maintained. Assures that conditions do not go back to their old, undesirable levels and makes implementing 5S a habit.

– Assign responsibilities everyone must know exactly what they are responsible for maintaining.
– Utilize a 5S schedule and a 5S assignment map.
– Visual 5S


Address the need to perform the 5S process on an on-going and systematic basis to maintain the new standard. 5S should become second nature, a habit. Success is based on Discipline.

– What is the best method to make sure the results of the others steps are maintained?
– How can we assess how well we are doing with 5S?
– 5S audits – used to evaluate and measure the implementation of 5S.